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Russia orders Yinxiang Textile 25-ton high-strength line
Release time:2020-06-16 Browse:285 Times

Mabelnaya is a Russian company specializing in the production of leather goods. Recently, Yinxiang Textile of Yiwu City ordered 150D/3 high-strength thread 25 tons. High-strength thread is the most suitable and most common type of leather sewing thread. The produced thread has a certain tensile force, strong tensile force, gloss, high temperature resistance, high speed, and is mainly suitable for leather sewing, such as: footwear, Bag industry, sofa industry, etc.


The polyester high-strength yarn produced by Yinxiang Textile in Yiwu City uses 100% pure polyester large chemical fiber raw yarn and adopts domestic leading processing technology. The high-quality polyester high-strength yarn produced has been widely praised by customers. In this cooperation with Mabelnaya, Yinxiang Textile of Yiwu City completed the purchase order of 25-ton high-strength line as scheduled on August 21, and handed over the railway transportation from Yinxiang Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. to Russia to complete the cooperation.

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