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Russian garment factory ordered Yinxiang Textile 60 tons 402 sewing thread
Release time:2020-06-16 Browse:271 Times

Yiwu Yinxiang Textile has been specialized in producing polyester sewing thread for more than ten years, and has established friendly trade cooperation with many countries in Central Asia. 402, as the most common and most widely used line in garment production, is also our flagship product in Yiwu Yinxiang. It selects high-quality raw materials, 100% polyester, and uses environmentally friendly dyeing. There are 1,200 colors to choose from. Recently, a Russian garment factory ordered 60 tons of 402 sewing threads of various colors in Yinxiang, our factory has more than 2,000 modern machines, assembly line operations, and completed the order of 60 tons in the fastest time. A professional warehouse on August 30 The management and workers have completed the loading of containers. On September 1, Yinxiang Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. will be shipped to Russia by rail.



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