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Yinxiang Textile tells you: sewing thread needs to consider aesthetics and should develop in concert with the apparel industry
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The pursuit of beauty is inherent to human beings. People interpret beauty in all aspects, especially female friends, who will spend a lot of silver on their faces and bodies to make them look charming. And charm. For example, dressing is necessary for everyone's survival. It represents a person's image, temperament, taste, and even status symbol. On this basis, the apparel industry has developed rapidly, attracting people's attention with its diverse styles and styles, occupying the market, and becoming one of the leading industries of social and economic development today. In the apparel production industry, every detail of apparel design is worthy of attention, and the particularly important "sewing thread" also serves as a bridge.

The sewing thread only plays the role of sewing, decoration and embroidery, but its quality will have a significant impact on the clothing industry. The cost of sewing thread only accounts for 1%-3% of clothing sales, but the impact on the quality of clothing is 100%. "As soon as the thread is taken off, the clothing will be scattered."

In order to save a little cost, some apparel manufacturers often use inferior sewing threads. However, due to uneven sewing lines and too many knots, they often lead to thread breakage or needle breakage. On the contrary, they reduce the production efficiency of clothing and cause a 10% loss. In the research of sewing thread, its aesthetic characteristics should be fully considered.

More than 50% of these materials in the country are produced in Shishi and surrounding areas, like some down jackets with inferior sewing threads. It is precisely because of the use of a batch of unqualified zippers, which has caused allergic reactions to consumers and caused huge losses to manufacturers. Such products should pay special attention to the detection of human safety.

In the future development of the apparel industry, the quality of accessories is as critical as the quality of apparel, and will be paid more and more attention. "There are many types of accessories, and the technological innovation process is also very complicated. To coordinate innovation with clothing. The supply of accessories may be the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing and needs to be highly valued.   For the development of the accessories industry, industry people should study the categories of accessories. Guide investment, cultivate new garment accessories industry cluster; give full play to the leading role of the accessories market, build a new accessory distribution system with the market as the matrix, a professional market will drive the development of the entire industry; establish an international advanced level of accessories technology innovation center and Testing center to improve product design capability and quality level; vigorously develop e-commerce and increase the proportion of online transactions; in addition, give full play to the role of industry associations, set up special funds, solve industry common problems, and support the differentiated development of SMEs is also crucial.


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