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Moroccan customers order 150g low elastic yarn to order 60g
Release time:2020-06-16 Browse:226 Times

Our MOHAMED company specializes in the production of bedding, including quilt covers, bed covers, mosquito nets, etc., which requires a large amount of low-elastic yarn for production. Low-elastic yarn is a kind of polyester filament. It has general polyester breaking strength and high elastic modulus, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy washing and quick drying. In addition to the characteristics, it also has the characteristics of high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable feel, soft gloss and so on.


Our company and General Manager Yan of Yinxiang Textile in Yiwu met in Morocco and found that Yinxiang sewing thread has a ten-year history of sewing thread development. It uses environmentally friendly technology and the product has passed the ISO quality certification and the Textile Association environmental protection green certification, which is in line with our The company makes the concept of the most comfortable and reliable bedding. In addition, the thread produced by Yinxiang Textile is bright and colorless, and the price is also very affordable. Yinxiang customized 60g 150D according to the needs of our company, and the service is good. Our company was very satisfied after receiving the goods in August. This is the first cooperation between our two companies, and there will be more cooperation in the future.


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