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Yinxiang Textile is well received by Russian leather shoes factory
Release time:2020-06-16 Browse:226 Times

Our company is located in Russia and has specialized in the production of leather shoes for many years, requiring high-strength high-strength lines. High-strength thread is the most suitable and most common type of leather sewing thread. The produced thread has a certain tensile force, strong tensile force, gloss, high temperature resistance, high speed, and is mainly suitable for leather sewing, such as: footwear, Bag industry, sofa industry, etc. Yiwu Yinxiang Textile adopts the domestic leading processing technology, the high-quality polyester yarn produced has bright color and strong strength, and the product has passed the quality inspection report, and the environmental protection and tensile strength have passed the inspection standards, which meet the EU import and export quality standards. My company is very satisfied and at ease. The leather shoes processed by Yinxiang's high-strength thread have been well received by customers. We look forward to more cooperation with Yinxiang Textile in Yiwu City.



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